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UK Best Small Shops – we’re finalists!

The Independent Retailer’s Federation who champions independents on the high street has selected Papadeli as one of 25 UK wide small shops and independent retailers in its best indie retailer competition. The winner will be announced at the House of Commons on November 5th at a ceremony which we are invited to attend – we are pretty excited about this as you can imagine!

You can read more about this in The Bristol Post article here.

The high street is struggling with more people shopping online and costs rising for bricks and mortar retailers. From business rates to the threat of Brexit, the challenges are becoming insurmountable for some, with 16 small shops closing a day according The Guardian.

We’ve been in business for nearly 18 years and have seen the high street change drastically. Independent retailers keep towns buzzing and communities together, so we’d love to see the high street thrive.

We do our very best to keep things interesting and fresh and to keep ahead of the curve with what we stock in the shop, sourcing local and national / European , innovative and original items that are hard to find elsewhere.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Order your Christmas cheese & treats in advance

Did you know you can beat the queues and order in advance?

Cheese deli Bristol

The week before Christmas, the deli gets extremely busy with all our lovely customers making sure they have all their favourite foods to share with family and friends.

If you would like to order homemade food so that you have some dishes in the fridge or freezer to save you doing even more cooking, you can order from us and arrange your collection date.

The same goes for chocolates, panettone, panforte, biscuits, oils, balsamics, savoury snacks, all your store cupboard essentials to make it all go as deliciously as possible.

And don’t forget your cheese.  We have an amazing array of artisan cheeses including all the favourites and some unusual, less known cheeses.  They are all at their very best for Christmas and if you want to make sure we haven’t sold out when you visit, you can order in advance.

How do I order?

Just complete this Christmas Order form  and email back or drop into the shop.



Wishing you a very happy, peaceful Christmas and a wonderful, health filled new year.



The Panettone’s in and waiting for you!

Panettone – only available at this time of year.

A traditional Italian Festive treat, panettone is a tall, sweet, leavened bread. Originally eaten in Milan, it has become a widespread symbol of an Italian Christmas.  It has since been available all over Europe and further afield.  Some mass produced panettone have put many people off – somewhat on the dry side and not a great texture.  However, when made with care, by an artisan baker, using the lievito Madre (starter culture), sometimes taking up to 36 hours, the texture and flavour is a revelation. Traditionally made with dried fruits, sometimes soaked in alcohol, the bready mixture cannot be compared directly with bread as for ever kilo of flour, up to a kilo of butter is added.  It is therefore a cross between a light and fluffy cake and a moist bread.

Since the original panettone, bakers have experimented with a variety of flavours.  Some substitute the dried fruit with chocolate, some add vin Santo, apricots, apricot cream, add a topping of icing and roast almonds, some add grappa or a grappa cream.

They are an enormous treat and many Italians like to take one to a friend or relatives house at Christmas as a festive gift.  They are usually wrapped in beautiful, extravagant paper or packaging in colourful tins and boxes.  Giving one really is a statement of generosity and good will. This tradition dates back to the 14th or 15th centuries, when what was in short supply and was seen as a luxury.  Bakeries would only make panettone and wheat products at Christmas (the rest of the year they used oats and spelt).  Giving a bakery item made of wheat was considered a huge luxury.

We absolutely love panettone and try many every year, to make sure we get the most delicious for our deli customers. It’s worth visiting the deli just to see the range of gorgeous packaging!

If you’d like to read more about panettone, visit the BBC Travel website here.

panettone classico
vin santo panettone
panettone red ribbon
panettone di milano

Feedback on a wedding :)

It made us SO happy that they loved the wedding food!

Wedding testimonial for Papadeli: Jess and Elliot (wedding at St George’s, August 2018)

The question of who we wanted to cater at our wedding was made so simple, having seen the scope of what Papadeli could do to tailor-make a menu to our own ideas whilst remaining completely affordable. On first meeting Simon and Lou, we knew instantly that we couldn’t have made a better choice: they were so welcoming and took the time to really get to know us, to pinpoint the exact feel and atmosphere that we wanted them to help us create for our big day.

Every whim we could have dreamt up for our wedding breakfast was personalised to perfection and no detail was ever left unanswered by the wonderful Lou. Her (and Alexis’) attention to detail allowed us to create a meaningful, ‘stand-out’ menu where the quality and local provenance of the food really shone through – just as we had hoped for.

Lou’s organisational skills, kind consideration, cheeriness and all-round enthusiasm in creating the perfect atmosphere on the day itself made it such a joy to work with her: to have her there to oversee things in the run-up and on the day itself made everything so seamless. It allowed us as clients to really sit back and enjoy the whole process, knowing that she had everything well and truly covered. She was a credit to the team and absolutely went above and beyond for us, which we are so grateful for!

Our guests are still commenting on how great the food was and how memorable a meal they had. So many have said it was by far their favourite wedding breakfast they have ever eaten, and we are so glad that we chose Papadeli to be able to give them such great memories! Our biggest ‘thank you’s to you all for such a pleasurable experience throughout – whilst we only wish we could do it all over again, we will most definitely bear you in mind for other special occasions throughout our married life together!


Wedding caterer
Wedding canapes
st george’s wedding

Watch a video all about our cake!

Fancy a piece of cake?

Order a cake!

Charity our super talented baker and cake maker creates the most delectable range of cakes that remind me of something out of Alice in Wonderland.  From Blackforest gateau decorated with white chocolate dipped cherries to raspberry and pistachio topped honey financiers looking pretty as jewels.  Her New York cheesecake has a firm following and sells out immediately as does her multi layered carrot cake with its sweet butter icing.

Every day, new masterpieces appear on the counter.  You have to be quick to catch them as she has a big fan club!

The cakes are also available to order for all your celebrations or events – imagine the faces of your guests as they set their eyes upon such delicious beauty!

Take a little look at the film below to get a taste of the cakes she makes.


A Summer party in Bristol

What works catering-wise at a Summer party?

When organsing a party, whether a big birthday,  wedding reception or any celebration, it’s not always easy to choose the right food.  This really depends on the type of party.

Ellie serving canapes ⓒ+Ania+Shrimpton-32
salads ⓒ+Ania+Shrimpton-59
Tartlets and cheeses ⓒ+Ania+Shrimpton-64
duck wrap canapes ⓒ+Ania+Shrimpton-40

Photos are thank you to https://www.cocomoonphotography.co.uk


It’s worth considering the following…

Are you wanting a sit down meal? Do you like the idea of people helping themselves to a buffet and sitting down? Would you rather food were brought to the table, on large boards for sharing, or already plated up in portions? Would you like to start the event with drinks and nibbles or canapés? How formal / informal would you like it to be?

As professional caterers, we get asked to do lots of parties.  One of our favourite types are the ones where guests start the evening with canapés and drinks. Canapes are always greeted with lots of exclamations of delight and are sized so that guests can carrying on chatting.  From duck pancakes to Thai fish cakes or mini Yorkshire puds with rare roast beef, canapés always look stunning and are a lovely conversation piece.

Sit down or stand up buffet?

After the initial drinks and canapés, there’s a choice to be made.  Do you want sit down or stand up eating? It depends often on the size of venue, but also on the formality.  A stand up fork buffet means guests can move around and chat, and won’t be in one place for that long.  Seated obviously means guests will perhaps linger next to the same people for longer, although there are lots of ways of playing round with this (just having a main course, then cheese or puddings at a buffet, so guests have to get up, or move guests to another area, where puds can be served on boards, like canapés).

The party in the photos was at the Brisol Observatory and was the birthday of Jo and Dave (who are actually friends of ours and kindly invited us too!). It’s an absolutely unique location, with incredible views over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Gorge. It’s perfect for rooftops drinks and canapés, served by our wonderful staff, before moving downstairs for a fork buffet.  We prepared bowls of colourful, nutritious salad and vegetable combinations, platters of rare roast beef along with little tarts, dips, breads and cheeses.  It all looked plentiful and feast like and guests organised themselves easily moving along helping themselves.  Bowls were topped up to ensure all looked plentiful and there was plenty for seconds.  Some guests sat at tables, others stood together in groups to eat.  It was a relaxed atmosphere and guests felt happy to get up, move around and help themselves to more, or to move on to cheese.

Small squares of raspberry brownies were then served on boards and offered around guests as they got up to help themselves to more drinks etc.  This meant people got to mingle again, and have a sweet treat.

Once everyone had had enough to eat, they gravitated towards the dance floor ready for an evening of dancing. As we were lucky enough to be at the party, we were able to observe and experience first hand how it worked.  We most definitely approved – as, happily, did the birthday boy and his family and friends!

We’re always happy to help with ideas for party food.  Just get in touch catering@papadeli.co.uk


Giant Easter egg for Jessie May charity!

We raised £315 for the Jessie May Trust!

We are so please that we raised a great amount for the brilliant charity.Thank you so much to all our customers who bought a ticket to support.

We’re raffling a giant Easter egg!

Easter is a great time in the deli for a host of beautiful and eye catching Easter eggs made locally and from Italy.  Easter is an important time in Italy and pretty much everyone presents friends and family with gorgeous looking eggs.  Every year, we raffle a giant egg for a local charity and this year we have a 4kg egg. That’s a lot of chocolate!

Jessie May is a charity providing “hospice at home” care for terminally ill children and support for their families and carers.  You can read more about them here.

4kg chocolate Easter egg

Make sure you visit the deli to have a look at all the amazing eggs and to buy a raffle ticket – they are £1 each and all proceeds go to Jessie May.  The draw will be on Good Friday.

Have a look below at a little film which will give you an idea of all the wonderful eggs we stock – see if you can spot the giant egg!

A divine cake counter!

Papadeli cake counter

The deli is always full to the brim with delightful and delicious foods from local producers and further afield, across Europe.  We absolutely love sourcing beautiful foods for our customers to enjoy.

The deli counter has a superb range of dishes for eating on the spot or takeaway for lunch, supper or a dinner party, all made freshly by our brilliant chef, Madoc upstairs.

And then, there is the cake counter.  It truly is something to behold.  Charity, our amazingly talented baker, creates unbelievably good cakes that not only taste superb, they look remarkable.  From her trademark banoffee cake with geometric shards of sugar, deeply red, raspberry topped New York cheesecake, marshmallow-middled rocky road, moist, rich and dark ginger cake with icy topping – it could all fit in beautifully with a scene from Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

If you fancy a slice of cake as a treat, or are wanting to impress or treat friends or colleagues, these cake will make you the most popular person in town.  They do get eaten very quickly, so make sure you come in soon to enjoy the delights of the our cake counter!

If you’re planning a wedding, party or other event, get in touch to find out about ordering delicious cake!







A little film to show you around the deli

Papadeli looks so lovely at Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year in the deli and seeing really is believing.  We thought it would be nice to show you round inside the shop and all the delicious fine foods that we have on display.


Tia, who works in the deli made a little film showing you round from the beginning, behind the counter and all the amazing cheeses chosen by our cheesemonger and manager, Jo.  She ed then moves on to a quick tour of all the shelves and a superb selection of wonderful treats (cannot used enough adjectives here!).  From local honey to fine vinegars and oils, through eventually to a beautiful selection of fine chocolates and gorgeous kitchenware. Oh yes, not forgetting all the fabulous panettone that we stock, fresh from Italy.

Hopefully this little film will give you a taster of what it’s like in the deli!

Vote for us!

The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2017

It’s that time of year again and we’re hoping that our customers will be kind enough to spend a moment voting for Papadeli as best independent retailer.  We have been runner up recently and would absolutely love to win this great award.

Vote here

Papadeli in Clifton BristolWe’ve been a deli since 2002 and work incredibly hard to source interesting, original, delicious produce for our customers.  We really want everyone to be excited and delighted with everything in the deli and to love visiting us.  Everyone who works in the deli is full of enthusiasm and knowledge and will chat to you about cheese until the cows come home 🙂

If it’s artisan chocolates you’re after, we get extremely excited about our range of handmade chocolates.  From Rococo and Chococo to local makers, we’ve tried them all before allowing them on the shelf! Same goes for our olive oils, vinegars, pates, condiments, biscuits, jams, honeys – the list goes on.

Hopefully you get the message that we are very excited about food! Please spend a moment to vote for us as best independent retailer – just click here

Thank you so much!


From all of us at Papadeli – delicatessen, caterer and cookery school.