We started Papadeli in 2002 with all the most delicious, beautiful foods from Europe and the UK as well as imaginative, nutritious take-home dishes and homemade cakes made in a little kitchen at the back. Inspiration came from our time living in Italy, France and Spain – we wanted to replicate the best of all we saw back in Bristol.

Customers started asking if they could have the food they tasted in the deli at weddings and parties, so Papadeli catering was born – mostly delivered in the back of an old Peugeot 309. Things have changed a bit since then but we’re still making and loving creative, beautiful food perfect for sharing, using sustainable ingredients.

Sample our takeaway chef’s made dishes, a piece of cheese, a slice of divine cake and spend time checking out all the jars and tins and packets of delicious treats and fine foods. So many gifts you’ll love.

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“Inspiration came from our time living in Italy, France and Spain…”

Back then, Catrin ran the shop (with the help of Mark our first employee) and Simon cooked. Along the way we opened our upstairs cafe and a cafe at the Royal Academy in Bristol, before realising that our catering business had grown a lot and we needed to make a decision – take on a catering kitchen elsewhere or close the cafes and focus on catering. We’ve always preferred to keep things simple, so made the hard decision of closing the cafes and creating two floors of catering kitchens. We make everything here, from wedding buffets and canapes for 200 to packed lunches for 500 and a range of stunning cakes and all the food for the counter as well.

A few evenings a month, the top floor kitchen is taken over for cookery lessons, which had proved to be really popular, with many having waiting lists. Check out our cookery classes here

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