Weddings last year were all postponed…

Papadeli weddings Bristol

But they’re back again!

It can take up to a year to arrange a wedding (and more sometimes) and our wedding catering manager, Lou, does a tremendous job walking couples through everything from food choices to seating plans.  Lou loves weddings and ensures each one runs so smoothly, the happy couple and their family and friends can just get on with enjoying themselves.  Logistically, it’s quite a job.  Just imagine – making sure each and every guest is happy with drinks and canapés, with staff being friendly and low key, liaising with the chefs and waiting staff to ensure each dish is served seamlessly and every guest happy, especially if they have any concerns over allergies or dietary requirements. The couple always just trust her to get on with it as they know from the minute they meet her that a more capable and friendly / warm / calm (she’s all of them!) pair of hands cannot be found.

So last year’s weddings had been in the pipeline for up to a year previously, so lots of emails, tastings, meetings – and that’s just the food side.  The wedding party will have also been planning outfits, venue, guest lists etc as well.  All the planning put in, to be postponed.  Hugely disappointing for them. And for us! We hated seeing them shelve their plans, with no real idea of when they’d be able to go ahead.

As a result, we were all extremely happy to find that weddings could go ahead this year. And pretty much all from last year moved to this year.  It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next year, as we’re already nearly fully booked as there is naturally now a backlog.

A stunning country wedding

Last week saw the wedding of Anni and Hassan, in the countryside near the Welsh border. Rolling green hills, fresh air, gorgeous people and of course delicious, delicious food. The couple and their friends produces a gloriously illustrated menu of all the Middle Eastern themed dishes (always a favourite for us as they make just the best sharing feasts).

Middle Eastern wedding menu

Papadeli chefs created a stunning array of delicious foods and the Papa team on site worked together beautifully to make sure all was served without a hitch.

Wedding seating at venue

Congratulations to the happy couple and well done Papa weddings team!

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