Welcome and have a look around ūüôā

You’re reading this, so you may have noticed that things are looking a whole lot better on the website front!

Our old website, which was built some centuries ago imploded and couldn’t be rescued. ¬†We are hugely grateful to Thom Foodery for building us a whole new one! ¬†He has been extremely patient with our annoying questions and queries and just got on with it, so a big thank you to him.

Hopefully you’ll see that all the menus are a lot easier to find. ¬†Check out our catering page for all the canap√©s, buffet, working lunch menus (despite it being a bit challenging to actually cater for events at the moment, we’re still taking bookings for weddings etc next year)

You can still buy vouchers and hampers – we can send them out across mainland UK. ¬†Unfortunately we don’t have any cookery classes planned as they just don’t work with social distancing, but we’re hoping that will change soon.

This Christmas is going to be one for planning ahead – we’ve got menus for all sorts of delicious dishes for you to take the pressure off from salmon en croute and mince pies to spiced red cabbage and chocolate Yule log. You can see the choices here.

We do hope you like :))