I guess we have to be realistic now and face up to the fact that there aren’t going to be any big Christmas parties or events this year so we’re all going to have to be creative about how we celebrate with and thank friends and colleagues.

With a big move towards supporting independent businesses and high street shops, we’re seeing people looking for more individual, sustainable gifts, rather than the usual M&S vouchers which seemed great in years gone by, but just don’t cut it when it comes to showing your really care.

When it comes to colleagues and staff, you may not know them well enough to buy personal gifts and that is where we think a gorgeous foodie basket or hamper would work brilliantly.

We’ve put our thinking hats on and have been coming up with some lovely gifts that range from £25 – they’re all totally original and whomever you give it to, they’ll know that you’ve really put some thought into it, whilst supporting a local business at the same time.


All can be delivered in Bristol and larger hampers can be delivered UK wide.

Foodie gifts for staffFoodie giftsGifts for staff