Ingredients for Romesco

About one roasted red pepper – ideal to roast your own but you can buy them in jars (from Papadeli of course!)

Fresh or tinned tomatoes (about half a tin)

A handful of hazelnuts (skinned) or you can use a combination of almonds and hazelnuts

Flat leaf parsley – about 4 sprigs

Good quality extra virgin olive oil about a tablespoon

Salt, smoked paprika, fresh garlic cloves to taste 

Sherry vinegar – about half a tablespoon

See the ingredients going in here

To make

It’s easy! Blend it all together.  You may like it smoother or crunchy – I like it with a fine crunch so the hazelnuts are still discernible.

If you like it runnier, add olive oil.

What does it go with?

All the vegetables, from broccoli to potatoes, it’s just so good! Also white fish, chicken, ham.  Hugely versatile and delicious.

Keeps in the fridge for about 5 days and freezes well!