Cookery Class: Taste of the Eastern Med February 29th 6-9pm SOLD OUT


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Cookery class with Lauryn Therin: taste of the Eastern Med February 29th 6-9pm

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Taste of the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond

Chef Lauryn Therin 

Thursday 29th February  6-9pm

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Lauryn Therin has spent many years working in the delis and restaurants of well known and loved companies in London before recently moving to London to share her amazing knowledge and expertise of the food of the Eastern Mediterranean. I went to her class and learnt so much! Using fantastic ingredients she creates a range of stunning dishes that you’ll want to make and eat over and over again. Every dish was superb and flavours positively sang – down to the fabulous pudding which was to die for! Marcin Lawrentowicz, our incredibly talented chef will also be on hand to demonstrate and advise as well as Kirstie Urquart, another amazing chef.  To have all these three talented chefs in the kitchen together is such as treat.  Don’t miss this!

You might even see Simon aka Papa, which will finish things off nicely!

All chefs are brilliantly knowledgeable and super friendly, so you’ll have a lovely time watching and learning before getting stuck in with some fabulous ingredients. Classes are fun and informative.

The Cookery School

Our cookery school, on the top floor above our deli, is a professional kitchen where our chefs create al the delights in the deli during the day – from takeaway dishes, frozen meals and amazing cakes. In the evening, it’s a beautiful and perfect space for learning how to make all these dishes and taste some new flavours. If you ask nicely, Simon might give you a private tour of the deli…

What you will make in this class:

Labneh, Harissa Marinated Olives, Focaccia

Burnt Aubergine, Tahina, Tomato, Green Chilli

Lauryn’s Simple & Good Roasted Peppers

Salt Baked Beetroot, Horseradish Cream, Dill

Seabream Cerviche

Beef & Lamb Kebab, Focaccia, Mixed Herb Salad, Pickled Peppers

Knafeh, Clotted Cream Ice Cream, Pistachios

(some dishes may vary slightly according to market availability)

Lauryn Med. cookery class

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What’s included:

Hands on instruction on how to make the dishes. Small groups (max 10 people), the chance to get stuck in and make your own. It’s all very relaxed and friendly.

All ingredients to create the above dishes. A couple of glasses of wine or soft drinks. A sit down meal where you’ll enjoy your creations and a parcel to take home any extras.  We’ll share the recipes with you too.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! Just turn up ten minutes beforehand and we’ll let you in.  If you arrive late, please call 07785 328991 and we’ll come down and open the door.


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