Beirut Forever

Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Lebanon

Lunch and demonstration of Lebanese dishes  October 1st 12-2.30pm. £75

About Barbara Massaad

Barbara Abdeni Massaad has written several cookbooks, is a chef and photographer. Born in Lebanon, she then moved to the States before returning at 18 to study. Her latest  cookbook, Forever Beirut, is a ‘celebration of the culinary capital of the Arab world, and of her home. ‘ (words from publisher Michel Moushabeck).

Barbara is an expert in Lebanese foods and ingredients and will demonstrate how to make a range of dishes. You’ll then get to eat her delicious creations with a glass of wine or soft drink.

Barbara will demonstrate and you’ll get to eat (!):

Lebanese tabbouleh – this isn’t a bulgur wheat salad – the main ingredient is parsley. Barbara will show how it’s really made in Lebanon with only a tablespoon of fine bulgur wheat
muhammara with pita chips
hummus with meat topping
moghrabieh (large couscous) 
batata harrara (sautéed potatoes, with coriander and garlic with red pepper paste)
mouhalabiyeh (milk pudding, flavoured with rose water/orange blossom water topped with pistachios)

We are very lucky that Barbara has agreed to come to Papadeli and share wonderful recipes and demonstrate how to make delicious, traditional Lebanese favourites.

Her new book, Forever Beirut, recipes and stories from the heart of Lebanon will be for sale with funds being raised to help those who have suffered in Lebanon since the port explosion one year ago.

Beirut, two years on from the devastating port explosion where 217 people were killed, over 7000 injured and 300,000 displaced, has caused widespread destruction, is still in a serious state of hardship where the cost of living has spiralled out of control. Lebanon’s economy was already on the verge of collapse and the pandemic further stretched the country’s healthcare system to the limit.

Barbara is coming to the UK to raise awareness and funds for those struggling to access basic food and medicine in her country. The demonstration is organised by Lebanese fine food importer, Shorkk, who are also based in Bristol.


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