Catering – making it memorable

“Just wanted to reach out to say thank you so much for catering last week’s event. The food and drinks where amazing, and the service was impeccable. In fact so much so that I wanted to introduce you my colleague  as she is looking for catering for an event at our offices.”

Our rules when it comes to event or party catering:

  • the food must taste delicious
  • the food must be visibly beautiful
  • the food must be created around seasonality and locality
  • waiting staff are friendly and approachable
  • waiting staff are professional and efficient
  • you can trust that all is taken care of and get on with enjoying the event

If you’re looking for super formal, six course meals that are served silver service, we are not the ideal caterer, but if you’re looking for big flavours, sumptuous colour, abundance for sharing, smiling, confident, experienced waiting staff who are happy to help, then Papadeli definitely is!


We started Papadeli 20 years ago and created wedding feasts – piles of delicious, creative, mouthwatering foods for guests to share soon after. We felt the formality of a wedding prevented guests from chatting, getting to know each other and knew that food is a great way to start conversations.

It seems to have become the thing to do now, as couples want their guests to feel at home, and looked after, with flavours and combinations of ingredients that well, blow them away.

We get incredible feedback and we’re not surprised as we have some of the best chefs in the city and the most professional and experienced front of house.


Beautiful, individual mouthfuls of flavour and beauty.  Each one hand made from scratch using the finest foods.  We can serve with fine wines or soft drinks (ask for our beautiful British wines and beers – they’re brilliant!)

We want guests to be talking about your event for months if not years after!

Get in touch with us to talk about your party, gathering, event, whatever it is, we’d love to help.