Every year, we just love all the weddings! Yes, they’re a lot of hard work, ensuring all the food is absolutely at its best, and making sure the wedding party goes without hitch. But it’s all so worth it! Just to see how much the married couple and their family and friends enjoy their day makes us want to keep on doing it!

We’ve catered for weddings in various venues in and around Bristol, like St George’s Hall, Circomedia and Walton Castle as well as in church halls, marquees in gardens and fields and in the middle of the countryside outside the city.

Each wedding has been so different, with the married couple choosing a variety of themes and styles, all of which are just gorgeous. Canapes are super popular as well as our wedding feasts, which consist of glorious seasonal produce, meats, cheeses, breads all piled high on platters and in beautiful bowls, all to be shared between happy guests.

Is there a theme in common? Whilst they are all totally original, we are noticing that couples want more local, more sustainable produce (which is exactly what we do) with the wonderful ingredients speaking for themselves without being too fussy. Natural and simple seem to be the order of the day.

Weddings are definitely less formal, with grooms wearing a comfortable suit, often in colours outside of the regular black and white. Flowers are more natural and less formal and the whole feel is more laid back and one of celebration rather than tradition or form.

salads for wedding sharing feasts

It is possible, of course, that we are attracting the more informal, natural weddings as that is what we are all about. We’ve been providing feasts and sharing platters for weddings since we started back in 2002, so we’ve had a bit of practise!

And cakes – yes, we mustn’t forget the cakes! The days of iced fruit cake have pretty much gone, with couples opting for sponges, iced in a more abstract style, or naked, decorated with fruit and flowers. We’ve also seen an increase in couples wanting wedding cheese towers as they realise that guests really love to tuck into some magnificent artisan cheese at the end of the day.

Cheese for weddings