Candied beetroot with sliced apple, green beans with cherry tomatoes in a seeded sherry vinaigrette, spanakopita, squash and spinach frittata, falafels, celeriac, cabbage, green veg slaw, Mediterranean veg cous cous – all these beauties and others show up in our deli counter every day.

There’s always something for vegans and vegetarians and we do our best to have something gluten free or nut free to make sure that everyone is catered for.

Madoc our chef upstairs is so imaginative, making all these dishes from scratch every day.

Come in an get a pot of salad and a little savoury treat (or a sweet one – there’s LOADS of amazing cake!). Bring in your own pot if you’d like to help us cut down on packaging.

Do spead the word as there are very few places like us who make this sort of food and we think everyone should know about it!