As you can imagine, as we serve up a lot of coffee in the deli and cafe as well as takeaway, we have a lot of used coffee grounds left over. We are constantly thinking about how to reduce the amount of stuff we send to landfill and so we make sure these coffee grounds are put to good use.

We put our used coffee grounds into the compost heap. Coffee grounds are high in potassium and nitrogen and the high carbon content helps feed the soil. Some say that they repel slugs and snails, but we’re not totally convinced about that!

What about putting them directly onto the soil? There are lots of conflicting opinions on this as some say the caffeine can inhibit plant growth and it can suppress the amount of water in the soil. We decided not to take the risk and just throw it into the compost heap along with other leaves, grass cuttings and fruit / veg peelings.

If you’d like to have some of our coffee grounds, or have any tips on composting them, get in touch