Papadeli’s Jones & Modha natural perfume


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Order online and let us know when you’d like to collect. Papadeli’s all natural perfume, made in Somerset.

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Natural perfume, made in Somerset

Gender neutral, vegan natural fragrance 50ml

Did you know about our other venture?

Catrin, who makes up half of Papadeli, and her friend Hemali after many years of searching for a beautiful, sophisticated, ethical scent, decide to have their own created.

They wanted to challenge the chemical, sometimes toxic world of commercial perfume and offer an alternative to people who are concerned about what they put on their skin and the impact it has on the planet.

Jones & Modha number 1 was born in Somerset.

With citrus top notes of bergamot and red mandarin, it settles sensuously into spice and woody greenness. It reacts naturally with your own skin’s oils, thanks to the essential oils, and can vary in its scent from person to person and at different times of day and season.

You can try and buy it at Papadeli or order here and pick up when it suits you.  Let us know when you’d like to collect.


Alternatively you can order it for free delivery here.

Read more about Jones & Modha and our ethos here.


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