Welsh cake recipe

Welsh cakes

Pice bach or Welsh cake recipe

These delicious little drop scones are at their best when served warm and sprinkled with sugar – quick and easy to make – lovely with a cup of tea.


225g/8oz self-raising flour, sieved
110g/4oz salted butter

teaspoon mixed spice
1 egg
handful of sultanas
milk, if needed
85g/3oz caster sugar
extra butter, for greasing


1. Rub the fat into the sieved flour to make breadcrumbs. Add the sugar, dried fruit and then the egg. Mix to combine, then form a ball of dough, using a splash of milk if needed.
2. Roll out the pastry until it is a 5mm/¼in thick and cut into rounds with a 7.5-10cm/3-4in fluted cutter.
3. You now need a bakestone or a heavy iron griddle (a thick based frying pan is fine). Rub it with butter and wipe the excess away. Put it on to a direct heat and wait until it heats up, place the Welsh cakes on the griddle, turning once. They need about 2-3 minutes each side. Each side needs to be caramel brown before turning although some people I know like them almost burnt.
4. Remove from the pan and dust with caster sugar while still warm. .