Wedding cheese cake

Fancy a stunning cheese tower as a wedding cake?

Wedding cheese cake













We get asked more and more often by married couples to be if we can arrange a tower of cheeses as a wedding cake instead of the the more traditional sweet wedding cake.

Many couples feel that having a pudding at the wedding feast is enough and that guests would prefer something savoury for the cake course.

A wedding cheese cake can be decorated as you want

Beautifully simple, whole wheels of cheese are assembled from viagra large at the bottom to small at the top. Some like to leave it at that and let the rustic beauty speak for itself (along with boards of delicious pickles, fig balls, fruit and artisan crackers).  Others like to add flowers or leaves to decorate according to the theme of their wedding.

Our cheese is carefully selected from small artisan producers for flavour and sustainability.

If you’re thinking of a cheese wedding tower, get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

cheese cake wedding tower