Saffron chicken with pine nuts and fennel

Just so more-ish, this saffron chicken uses chicken thighs and lots of herbs and spices.  The tangy preserved lemon brings a delicious freshness and the paprika a good dose of warmth. Serve as part of a picnic, mezzo selection or as a main with rice or potatoes.
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Ingredients: (serves 5)
5 x boned chicken thighs
1 x pinch of saffron
100g x mixed spice
100g x hot paprika
200g x pine nuts
100g x fennel seeds
1/4 x preserved lemon
200mls x white wine
60g x cold butter
squeeze of honey
  • Pre-heat oven @ 180 degrees
  • Mix spices, saffron and fennel seeds together and rub into chicken with a little oil
  • Season skin well and sear chicken in a hot pan skin side down until skin is nice and crispy (don’t wash frying pan yet)
  • Place chicken in roasting tray and roast for 20mins
  • Once chicken is cooked, take juices from roasting tray and pour into frying pan you previously used
  • Reduce chicken juices with white wine and squeeze of honey together
  • Dice up butter and whisk into wine reduction bit by bit or until it starts to thicken
  • Place chicken in frying pan with the sauce and baste
  • Toast pine nuts add to chicken
  • Serve