Papa’s feeling famous

Being busy with a delicatessen, cookery school and cafe at the Royal Academy art gallery and having lots of work on as a caterer, Papa doesn’t often get time to read the papers or listen to the radio. But he did make an exception when he was invited to be part of an advertising campaign for Barclays bank!

Our bank manager, Sally Tullett, always amazes us.  When you utter the words bank manager, most people think of a virtual entity that sends the occasional email, or a distant character who gets in touch when things are going wrong.  Not Sally.  We hear regularly from her about networking events that she’s organised and when we make it to them, she is a whirlwind matching businesses with each other.  She’s constantly helping us to make connections with others who might be interested in our business and services, knowing that her little black book of contacts can really help her customers.

If you text or call her, she makes sure she gets back, and is honest about how she can help us.  She genuinely cares about her customers and is always looking out for them.  So when she called to ask if she could put us forward as a potential case study for a national advertising campaign, we were absolutely delighted.

Papadeli Brownies business story

Papa was interviewed for Classic FM, and this ad has run many times with lots of our customers hearing it.  Papadeli brownies also got a full page spread in the Times newspaper, making them the most famous brownies in the land!

Sally represents to us what a bank manager should be – friendly, approachable and definitely on our side.  She organised a loan for us and guided us through the whole process.  We would definitely recommend her. Email us if you’d like her contact details!


Papadeli delicatessen, cafe at the RWA, cookery school and caterer.



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