Panettone – Christmas gift!

Panettone is one of our favourite Christmas treats

Soft, fluffy, vanilla scented, moist fruits – ah, Christmas is not the same without a hunk of this with a glass of vin santo or a cup of tea, whatever your preference. There are many varieties of panettone with chocolate pieces, marron glaces, candied fruits (the traditional type), added alcohol – the list goes on. We have worked hard at Papadeli to select a small range of the most delicious, artisan panettone, as quality and taste can very hugely. Although some of the mass produced panettoni can be quite tasty, the quality of a handmade one does really stand out.


There are many delightful stories surrounding the history of panettone.  Some say it derives from the large pane, or bread, which was consumed as part of Ceremonia del Ceppo (ceremony of the tree stump!). The head of the family would make a cross on the top of the stump and place it in the fireplace with juniper branches. The fire was lit and a glass of wine would be poured, a few drops of which would be tossed onto the fire, before it being offered to the family. Once the wine was finished, a coin would be thrown into the fire for luck, and each family member would receive their own coin. Three large loaves (pane) would be brought to the table and blessed for St Biagio. The first slice would be kept as a good luck charm until the following Christmas.

Perhaps the most famous legend comes from the 15th century court of Ludovico Sforza in Milan. He held an extravagant Christmas banquet during which, Toni, a 12 year old kitchen helper was asked to watch the oven and make sure the dessert did not burn. He fell asleep and woke up in a haze of smoke. Desperate to avoid a beating, he created a new dessert – using any bread he could pain relief find, butter, candied fruit and raisins. Once tasted, the guests asked for it to be served at every Christmas banquet – and it became known as Pane di Toni (Tony’s bread) or Panettone.
We could go on recounting legends, including the love stories surrounding panettone, but let’s cut to the chase and have a look at the some of the delicious panettoni we have in our Bristol delicatessen.

Papadeli panettone Dolci di Efren

Dolci di Efren –  Panettone tradizionale.

Beautiful packaging, paper covered box, tied up with a string. What better way than to turn up at a Christmas lunch with this in hand.

Dolci de Efren make small batches of handmade sweets and pastries.

750g £19.95


Panettone artisanale tradizionaleTraditional panettone from Fiasconaro  – made with fresh orange peel and Marsala soaked raisins.  Tree generations of this Sicilian family have been involved in the making of high quality cakes and pastries. They have an excellent reputation throughout Italy and beyond.

Gorgeous festive packaging with a big Christmas ribbon.

750g £15.95


panettone artisan quality from papadeliMakers of artisan panettone in Milan, Vergani was established in 1944.  Like all the panettone we sell, it is thrice risen over 7-8 hours which produces this light fluffiness of this lovely Italian Christmas cake. It takes 3 or 4 days from beginning to end and we think the care and attention is clear when you take your first bite!

750g £15.95



Papadeli panettone - gorgeous Italian Christmas cakeFor quality and a contemporary look, these panettone are absolutely unique – wrapped in red tissue and finished with a large Festive pom pom.

These panettone from Vallebona, come in traditional and chocolate -both absolutely gorgeous.

500g £13.50 Chocolate   £12.50 Traditional


Please call in to the shop to purchase your panettone. For more information, please phone us on 0117 973 6569 or email

We include panettone in some of our Christmas hampers – please take a look here.


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