Outside Catering

Did you know we do outside catering as well?


I was speaking to someone the other day who was trying to sell me some advertising space.  We were chatting about Papadeli and the sort of things we do.  He was based in London, so didn’t know the deli or cafes – he was just looking at the website.  He went through all the headings – shop, hampers, delicatessen, cafes, cookery school, catering…. and said “why do you do all these things?”

Catering at PapadeliPerfect for a wedding or buffetPerfect for a sharing wedding

It seems obvious to us – we love food, and work with delicious ingredients.  We want to use it in as many ways as possible – and so each part of the business allows us to do that. We sell it in the deli, serve it in the cafe or at parties and events through outside catering, send it out in hampers and teach people all about it in the cookery school.

It was brought to out attention the other day that we don’t “shout” enough about everything that we do – particularly our catering service.  A number of people said they didn’t know we provided such a service.  It’s funny when you’re in business and a large part of your work is responding to catering enquiries, putting together bespoke menus, visiting venues, speaking to married couples to be, serving at large corporate events etc etc, you sort of assume that everyone else knows about this.  Most of our catering work comes through recommendation, or someone has been a guest at a party catered for by Papadeli – so many people are indeed aware of the catering that we do. But thanks to these customers, we are now more aware of the fact that not enough people do and that it is a bit of a secret!

Until now. We have put up some signs in the deli letting people know that we have an outside catering service.  We think they’re pretty obvious – when you’re next in the shop see if you can spot them! We’d love to hear your feedback.

To see our outside catering menus, please click here or email info@papadeli.co.uk


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