Judion butterbean salad recipe

Judion butterbeans, olive, sun blushed tomato, garlic, roasted red onions + herbs

Butterbean salad for events and lunches

Great with any dish, whether with meat or other vegetables, on its own or as a lunchbox choice.  Butter beans are low fat and  a good source of iron, zinc and magnesium. They are high in protein (as much as found in poultry, meat and seafood so are a great alternative to meat).

You can soak them yourself, or buy a jar of giant lorazepam butter beans (which are our favourites) found in the deli.


1 kg dry butter beans soaked overnight

500g sunblush tomatoes

1kg red onions peeled and sliced

1 bunch tarragon

1 bunch parsley

100ml olive oil

200g black olives

Boil the beans until soft and refresh and drain.

Sear the onions in batches in hot skillet and deglaze each batch with a splash of wine vinegar.

Mix onions, beans, sunblush tomatoess, olives, chopped herbs and plenty of seasoning.

Keep in the fridge.