Gallery of sweet things for your event

What about the pudding and cake?

We are lucky enough to have one of Bristol’s finest patissiers and bakers working with us.  Charity creates an incredible array of imaginative, original and delicious cakes.  From divine wedding cakes to tens of hand decorated cup cakes, every event is an opportunity for Charity to delight the guests.

When faced with a Papadeli board of puddings and cakes, most people just can’t made up their minds.  So we now offer a board of mini puddings and cakes so that guests at your event can try everything!

Our bakers are incredibly talented and have earned us quite a reputation for cake.  Our deli on Alma Road always has a fabulous selection of cakes that you can come and try.

If you’re interested in finding out more about wedding cakes, get in touch

We also take orders for takeaway celebration cakes – if you’d like to see a menu, please click here:

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Trays of brownies for a work meeting or Friday afternoon,  afternoon tea selection of Victoria sponge, cup cakes, banana and caramel loaf, chocolate mousse cake, cakes without gluten, wheat or dairy.  We are always happy to come up with something delicious and lovely.