Ethical and sustainability policy

Maximising sustainability

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As a small business, we know that everything we do has some impact on our staff, suppliers, customers and community.  We do all that we can to make sure that our impact is a positive one. Sustainability is very important and is something we continually try to improve.

Environmentally friendly packaging

From how we source our food to the packaging we use, every step is carefully thought about.  We use fallen palm leaf platters, compostable deli pots, paper bags, deliver in cardboard box carriers that we re-use.  We got rid of plastic straws a long time ago and have produced bamboo re-usable coffee cups for takeaway coffees. Not packaging as such, but we have sourced more environmental toilet paper! We love “who gives a crap”!  It’s made from recycled paper and donates to building toilets.  There are no inks, dyes or scents either. Read more here.


When we take on a new producer, we ask them about their sustainability policies and will only work with those with similar ethics and values as ours.  We also want to know about provenance and need to know the traceability right to the beginning.


Our gas comes from Bristol Energy, which is a supplier that seeks to support Bristol. They believe no-one should have to choose between eating and heating, read more about it here.  We watch our energy and water consumption closely.  We minimise food waste through clever ordering and stock rotation. Bread that is good and not sold we give to Fair Share.


We support our community from offering work experience to local school pupils to supporting local charities with donations and fund raising. Sustainability is not just about energy consumption and packaging, it’s also about contributing to a more sustainable community.

As a small business, we are lucky enough to be able to make changes swiftly if we notice better ways of doing things for efficiency and the environment.

I think I’ve covered most of it here, but if you’d like to read more, here is policy Papadeli ethical & sustainablility policy