Christmas gifts in the deli

Time to celebrate with food

It is so wonderful to see customers in the deli getting excited about gifts they’re buying for friends and family this Christmas.  Many of us are fortunate enough to have what we need and appreciate a well chosen food item over a scented candle or another trinket.  Giving food means that it will be enjoyed and shared with others ( if they’re the generous sort!).

So what to give?

Charbonnel et walker at Papadeli


A bit cliched?  A bit unoriginal? We don’t think so! Every chocolate bar and box at Papadeli is chosen because it is made by producers that value quality ingredients.  Milk chocolate is not cloyingly sweet, but made with a good percentage of cocoa.  Dark chocolate is not harsh and bitter but smooth and rich.  We know that aesthetics are important when choosing a gift – and all the boxes are quite beautiful.  These chocolates are not cheap, and therefore when given as a gift, it’s likely that they will receive them as a true sign of your appreciation They may not have tasted them before and will see them as a little bit of luxury. Lovely. Select from Charbonnel et Walker, Prestat, Chococo, Bodrato, Doble & Bignall  – the list goes on… More unusual chocolates include brand soaked, chocolate stuffed figs, cherries in a grappa syrup covered in chocolate, dulce de leche filled chocolates….

Gifts of food in Bristol

Unusual ingredients

Many of us enjoy cooking (and eating) and love to try new ingredients and dishes.  One special ingredient can often transform a dish, and Papadeli’s shelves are full of such wonderful things. We have balsamic vinegars of all ages and types (add to salads, meat dishes, even puddings), delicious pates from France, Spain and the South West, superb cheeses and all to go with – from quince paste, to fine cheese company fruit pastes and mostarda fruits from Italy.  It’s a great chance to try some new tastes.

Cheeses for Christmas



If you’re visiting someone at Christmas, what lovelier gift than a large slice of Montgomery Cheddar, Stilton or something a little more exotic such as Monte Enebro, a creamy white Spanish goat’s cheese. Our experts at Papadeli really know their cheese, and are always happy to discuss the best option for you and give you a little taster!

foodie gifts Bristol

Foodie gifts

If you’re looking for something that might last longer than something edible, then have a little browse amongst our beautiful objects for foodies.  From gorgeous sustainable mango wood bowls to locally made olive oil decanters, all are simple and original gifts that will look good in any kitchen.

Christmas foodie gifts

Wine & alcohol

We have a small, carefully chosen selection of wine that is generally unavailable at other shops.  Each is from single estate, small vineyards and so you can rest assured that if you’re looking for wine for someone who really knows their stuff, they will be happy (and probably pretty impressed) by your wine choice. We also have cava (so underrated now that prosecco has taken over!), limoncello and sherry. How about combining a slice of cheese with a lovely red?

papadeli cookery classes

Still not sure – how about a cookery class or a voucher?

Papadeli is the sort of place that people love to spend time – there is so much to look at on the shelves, plenty to enjoy from the counter selection of divine food and cakes, a cafe at the Royal Academy and a cookery school.  If you are unsure about what exactly to get them, but know they’d enjoy something foodie, we have vouchers – both general and for cookery classes.  They can be bought in the shop or here.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, come to the deli and take a look around.  You’re sure to find some inspiration!

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