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Love artisan cheese? You’ll love these!

Artisan cheese for Spring

Pete and Jo in the deli are absolute cheese connoisseurs.  What they don’t know about cheese is not worth knowing.  The counter is beautifully arranged full of just mouthwatering artisan cheeses, many seasonal. Stock is kept in optimum conditions and looked after with great care. Call in and talk to us about cheese – and we’re always happy to let you taste! Here are three that are at their best in the Spring time.

artisan cheese Bristol deli

These three are in the counter at the moment and absolutely amazing.

They are all made by Alte Langhe in Italy’s Piedmonte region.  They are made with cow, goats’ and ewes’ mild and are just perfect to now.

La Tur’ Robiola – 4-6 weeks old. A soft, chalky centred cheese from Lombardy, Italy. Delicious with our Isolabella della Croce Sauvignon Blanc.

La Tur artisan cheese Aste Langhe

‘Nocciolo‘ – 2-4 weeks old. Perfectly gooey little cubes of creaminess. A heavenly match on a rosemary cracker.

Delicious artisan cheese in the deli counter

‘Val Belbo’ – 2-4 weeks old. Really, really fresh cheese. The perfect spring cheese, light but flavoursome with a nice lactic tang. Absolutely amazing with chestnut honey.

Superb cheese


Cookery class timetable for Spring Summer 2016

Book your cookery class for 2016!

Papadeli cookery class

We’ve come up with a lovely timetable of cookery classes for you to choose from.  Fancy using up those lovely ingredients out in the countryside? How about re-creating some lovely Summery Tuscan dishes? Or visit Galicia in Spring?

Classes have become hugely popular, and sell out very quickly, so if you are interested, make sure you book quickly.

We have gift vouchers if you’re looking for a foodie gift for Christmas and can’t decide which class they’d like! Have a look at our gift vouchers here.

The full range of classes can be seen in the here and the timetable is as follows:

Cookery class timetable Spring/Summer 2016

Winter in Venice

Buy here

Wednesday 20th January 2016 6-9pm £85

No need to bring anything – just yourself!

Venetian food is gathering quite a following with a number of Venetian restaurants popping up – and rightly so! It is absolutely delicious and perfect for this time of year.

You will make a 3 course meal with appetiser – quite wonderful for inspiration and to wow your friends and family with your new found Venetian culinary knowledge!

Some of the dishes you’ll make:

Cristini with radiccio pancetta and mascarpone, breaded sardines with caper mayonnaise, rabbit cacciatore (stew), griddled polenta, chocolate and chestnut tart.

Bread making in all its glory!

Buy here

Wednesday 3rd February 6-9pm £85

Bread making is a wonderful skill to learn.  Not only is there nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread, but it is hugely relaxing!

You’ll make a lovely range of bakery treats and come away inspired.

Ligurian dishes

Buy here

Wednesday 17th February 6-9pm £85

We all love Italian food, but often forget that each region has its own wonderful traditions and specialities – and Liguria is certainly high on the list for fabulous ingredients – its olive oil, for example is world famous. And in this class, you get to make fresh ravioli – which is, once learnt, a simple dish which you can repeat for family and friends!

You will make a selection of Ligurian dishes:

Crostini: Walnut pesto and green olive tapenade, leek and smoked mozzarella tart, seafood ravioli with a lemon butter sauce, Ligurian olive oil cake (once tried, you won’t be able to give it up!).

Middle Eastern delights

Buy here

Wednesday 2nd March 5-9pm £85

With the success of Ottolenghi as a TV chef and his cookery books, we have seen the popularity of our wonderful salads and vegetable dishes in the deli counter soar!

Details of dishes to follow.

Food for an Italian Easter

Buy here

Wednesday 16th March 6-9pm £85

The Italians do Easter so well – it is an enormous opportunity to gather wonderful ingredients and create some stunning dishes.

Make: A selection of crostini, ricotta and herb gnocchi, spring lamb with braised lentils and salsa verde, insalata di polpo (octopus salad – you really must try this!), ricotta, lemon and cinnamon tart, esse biscuits.

Baking and kneading

Buy here

Wednesday 6th April 6-9pm £85

Gett immersed in flour and dough and knead your cares away – and learn lots of tips and techniques while you’re at it!

Springtime in Galicia

Buy here

Wednesday 13th April £85

Galicia is very different geographically and culturally to the Spain that most of us think of – and this is demonstrated in its cuisine.


Empanadas with seasonal fillings, mussels in tomato vinaigrette, Galician hake with braised potatoes, garlic and tomatoes, an array of seasonal vegetable dishes with asparagus, purple broccoli, artichokes, tarta di Santiago.

Early Summer in Tuscany

Buy here

Wednesday May 11th 6-9pm £85

What a wonderful time of year – the seasonal ingredients are at their best, and in this class you’ll learn and be inspired how to best utilise them.


crostini with chicken liver pate, panzanella salad with anchovies, carciucco – seafood soup, seasonal salad and focaccia, Torta della nonna (pine nut and custard tart – YUM!)

Foraging feasts 

Buy here

Wednesday May 25th 6-9pm £85

Out for a walk? Use up those free countryside ingredients!

Grilled asparagus & romesco, wild fennel cakes with sauce vierge, grilled mackerel, samphire & pickled rhubarb, crab & wild garlic risotto, elderflower fritters.

Favourites from the Med 

Buy here

Wednesday June 15th 6-9pm £85

Bring some warmth of colour & flavour to your repertoire

Piquillo peppers stuffed with goats’ cheese & pine nuts, asparagus & green herb tart with pomegranate dressing, spatchcocked poussin with tarragon, caponata, peach and amaretti tart.

A Spanish feast for Summer  

Buy here

 July 13  6-9pm £85

Meals you can prepare to bring some sunshine into your home!

Tortilla espanola, calamares, aioli, gaspacho with crispy jamon, slow cooked pork loin with escalivada, a seasonal salad of red pepper, orange), lemon, thyme & polenta cake.

To book a cookery class, phone 0117 973 6569 or email info@papadeli.co.uk.

To book a class online click here

To see our terms and conditions, please click here

To buy cookery class vouchers, please click here.



Autumn Cookery Class timetable 2015

New Cookery Class timetable for Autumn 2015

With a very successful Spring and Summer cookery class timetable over, we are now planning for Autumn/ Winter 2015 with some lovely classes. Make sure you book early as classes are filling up quickly and places are limited to 10 per class.

From Spanish Winter market inspired dishes, to Autumn in Tuscany, or why not book in to our fabulous Italian Christmas cookery class.

Please click here to see the new timetable.

Spinach and ricotta ravioli recipe

A trip up Snowdon

5 hours there and back

Papa has always wanted to climb Snowdon. As a born and bread Welsh lady, Mrs. Mac was slightly ashamed of the fact that she had so far avoided the experience.  So over Easter they decided that it would be a good thing to do.

They were staying in lovely Aberporth for the week, but it’s a good 3 hours up to Snowdonia, so they decided they’d stay the night somewhere nearby.  They had very happy memories of the Pen y Gwryd hotel from a stay about 20 years ago, and so decided that it would be nice to return.  Pen y Gwryd has its own unique character. It was where the Everest team back in the early 1950s went to practise ready for the Everest ascent.  They have all sorts of memorabilia in the cosy bar area and it still has a strong following amongst climbers and walkers. If you are into luxury and ensuite bathrooms, then DON’T STAY THERE.  Now that is clear, everybody else will love it.  Rooms are still wood chipped but clean and comfortable.  No mini bar, no TV, wifi or even locks on the doors.  All this makes it quite a haven away from modern living.  It is situated about 5 minutes drive from the PYG and Miner’s pass at the foot of Snowdon, so you can imagine the glorious views.

At 7.30pm the gong chimes and guests file into the dining room – all white table cloths and silver cutlery.  A short menu is presented and food comes quickly. There is a slight feeling of boarding school about all this – which is quite comforting in a way. This feeling continues at 8.30 when the breakfast gong goes and porridge or kippers are served.

If you want to get a parking space at the foot of Snowdon near the start of the PYG or Miner’s passes, go early as it was full provigil when the Papa family arrived at 10am.  Fortunately there was a space a little further down the road. Going up Snowdon was in some ways easier than expected as there is a clear path and the Miner’s route is flat for a fair distance before become quite a steep “climb” up big rocks.  Climb is in inverted commas as there were lots of older people doing it and a number of people with small children – so not really a big climb.  The views, on this clear and sunny day were absolutely stunning – it was like being in a scene from the Hobbit. Chrystal clear lakes, dramatic mountain slopes – all bathed in the sunshine.

Day out for papadeliPapadeli trip to Snowdon

The summit, somewhat disappointingly is a built up platform and there were lots of people standing on it.  As there are six or seven routes up to the top, people came from all directions.  There is a train and cafe on the top – but fortunately it was closed or it would have been even busier. Nevertheless, the views are amazing and the feeling of achievement definitely makes it all worth it.

The Papa family decided to take the PYG route back which was pretty steep and tough on the (older) knees, but much quicker.  They met one family that had been at the Pen y Gwryd the previous night who said they’d been up five times and this was the first time they’d seen the summit, as it is so often hidden by clouds.

Having not been very organised with food or picnics (bit surprising as they own a deli), the Papa family searched for somewhere nice to eat, finally descending on a Little Chef (the only place they could find) and filled themselves up before the 3 hour drive back, feeling that they had really done something with their day.


Papa’s Prize – every Friday!

Your chance to win a prize

Winner, papa's prize on twitter

Everyone who works at the deli in Alma Road and at our cafe at the Royal West of England Academy on the Triangle in Bristol, always comment how lovely our customers are.  It’s true – we have lots of regulars, many who’ve supported us since the opening of our downstairs deli nearly 14 years ago and many newer customers who are always so cheerful and enthusiastic about Papadeli.

So we thought we’d do something small and fun to say thank you.  We’ve always loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and often dreamt of finding a golden ticket in our chocolate bar.  So we decided that we’d create our own version and came up with a Papadeli blue ticket that can be found in one customer’s bag at the deli every Friday.  Once found, the winning ticket can be exchanged for a prize in the deli.  It might be some artisan cheese, or a bottle of excellent wine, perhaps a box of handmade chocolates or a Papadeli voucher.

Win a prize at Papadeli

The RWA cafe

find a blue ticket and win lunch for two and free entry to the exhibition!

Once a month, one lucky customer will find a blue Papa’s Prize ticket and win lunch for two at the cafe and free entry to the Royal West of England Academy’s exhibition.  To find out more about the RWA exhibitions, click here.


To win a prize, check your bag on a Friday and present your Papa’s prize winning ticket.

The largest egg in the South West?

Gorgeous Easter eggs!

Every year, we raffle an egg for charity.  This year we have the biggest yet – it’s a full on 6 kilos of chocolate wrapped in fabulous blue foil.

Raffle tickets costs £1 and all proceeds will go to NSPCC Bristol, a charity chosen by the Papadeli team.

This enormous egg is being raffles at Papadeli for charity

The winning ticket will be drawn on Good Friday.

The shop is crammed full of Easter eggs –  from valtrex Chococo, Lauden and a stunning range of Italian eggs in their traditional, colourful finery.

a range of original easter eggs in Bristol

We also have Colomba cakes (or dove cakes) which are eaten at Easter in Italy.  Shaped like a dove, this cake is similar to a panettone (we are always delighted with an excuse to eat panettone!). It makes a lovely gift and can be eaten with a coffee or a sweet wine.

Italian Easter Colomba cake at Papadeli

Observer Food Monthly award for Papadeli!

Every year the Observer Food Monthly asks its readers to vote for their favours foodie businesses and we have been voted runner up in the West for best independent retailer and best cheap eats (cafe)! We are so excited to win this award as it really means something to be voted by our customers.  This is the fourth year that we have been awarded this, and we are absolutely delighted.

papadeli best independent retailer bristolobserver food monthly award best cheap eats

Bristol did particularly well this year and is gaining momentum as a foodie city with Friska getting best ethical restaurant, the Lido being awarded ,amongst many others including Poco, Bell’s Diner, Thali Cafe, Pony and Trap, Hausbar and Milk Thistle etc.

(see the full list here https://www.bristol247.co.uk/channel/food-drink/news/awards/wilks-named-one-of-100-best-restaurants-in-uk)

So a huge thank you to all our customers who are so loyal – we know that without them we wouldn’t be here.


Papadeli delicatessen, caterer, cookery classes and cafe at the RWA.

Papa’s feeling famous

Being busy with a delicatessen, cookery school and cafe at the Royal Academy art gallery and having lots of work on as a caterer, Papa doesn’t often get time to read the papers or listen to the radio. But he did make an exception when he was invited to be part of an advertising campaign for Barclays bank!

Our bank manager, Sally Tullett, always amazes us.  When you utter the words bank manager, most people think of a virtual entity that sends the occasional email, or a distant character who gets in touch when things are going wrong.  Not Sally.  We hear regularly from her about networking events that she’s organised and when we make it to them, she is a whirlwind matching businesses with each other.  She’s constantly helping us to make connections with others who might be interested in our business and services, knowing that her little black book of contacts can really help her customers.

If you text or call her, she makes sure she gets back, and is honest about how she can help us.  She genuinely cares about her customers and is always looking out for them.  So when she called to ask if she could put us forward as a potential case study for a national advertising campaign, we were absolutely delighted.

Papadeli Brownies business story

Papa was interviewed for Classic FM, and this ad has run many times with lots of our customers hearing it.  Papadeli brownies also got a full page spread in the Times newspaper, making them the most famous brownies in the land!

Sally represents to us what a bank manager should be – friendly, approachable and definitely on our side.  She organised a loan for us and guided us through the whole process.  We would definitely recommend her. Email us if you’d like her contact details!


Papadeli delicatessen, cafe at the RWA, cookery school and caterer.



Country Calling’s Top Ten Cookery Schools

The wonderful Country Calling, a directory of the best of the South West, has compiled a top ten of cookery schools – and we are very proud and honoured to be featured amongst some of the most impressive school in the country, not just the South West.

This is what it has to say about Papadeli Cookery School.

Papadeli cafe and deli is something of a legend in Bristol so it’s no surprise that its cookery school follows the same relaxed but uber-delicious formula. Courses take place in the evening and cover everything from Spanish tapas to Provencale, Mediterranean, the ultimate picnic food or baking the sweet treats for which Papadeli is deservedly famous. Classes are small, held on the top floor of the Papadeli food emporium in Bristol. Very hands on, using the best European and British ingredients straight from the deli downstairs. These classes are fun and informal though you’ll put together a 4 course menu under expert, almost one to one tuition, sample everything you make and get a goodie box to take home.

To view the line up click here

If you’d like to see dates for our Autumn cookery classes, or purchase a cookery class voucher, please click here