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Christmas cheese!

Ideas for your Christmas cheeseboard.

One of the most wonderful traditions at this tme of year is the Christmas cheeseboard.  An excuse to really delve into the world of cheese and take your time about it.  The rest of the year doesn’t really give enough time to cheese in our opinion.  So take it slow and enjoy!


Stilton or something else?

We love Stilton and can’t get enough of it, so would say why not have Stilton and something else! We love Barkham Blue – a deliciously creamy with a hit of sharpness.  When people taste it, they just want to eat it all!

Cheese for Christmas from Papadeli

What a bout modafinil your brie-type cheese?

Deli cheese in Bristol
Brie is so good when it’s ripe as it should be.  Firm on the outside and oozing on the inside.  How about having something else too? Wigmore is SO delicious – it’s a sheep’s cheese made in the Cotswolds by Juliet  Harbutt.  Put a whole wheel on your table and watch it disappear!!

What else?

Cheddar, of course, is a definite, try Montgomery – just tangy enough with a deep nutty creaminess which is divine.  And come and visit the cheese counter to take a look at a host of unusual, deliciously ripe cheese ready to be devoured.


Enjoy, and Happy Christmas!

The best cheese in Bristol