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Giant Easter egg for Jessie May charity!

We raised £315 for the Jessie May Trust!

We are so please that we raised a great amount for the brilliant charity.Thank you so much to all our customers who bought a ticket to support.

We’re raffling a giant Easter egg!

Easter is a great time in the deli for a host of beautiful and eye catching Easter eggs made locally and from Italy.  Easter is an important time in Italy and pretty much everyone presents friends and family with gorgeous looking eggs.  Every year, we raffle a giant egg for a local charity and this year we have a 4kg egg. That’s a lot of chocolate!

Jessie May is a charity providing “hospice at home” care for terminally ill children and support for their families and carers.  You can read more about them here.

4kg chocolate Easter egg

Make sure you visit the deli to have a look at all the amazing eggs and to buy a raffle ticket – they are £1 each and all proceeds go to Jessie May.  The draw will be on Good Friday.

Have a look below at a little film which will give you an idea of all the wonderful eggs we stock – see if you can spot the giant egg!

Easter egg raffle for Jessie May

Win a giant Easter egg in the deli this Easter!

Raising money for the Jessie May Trust in Bristol

Every year, we raffle a giant Easter egg for charity. The 5kg egg comes from Italy and is fabulously flamboyant in its shiny foil wrapper! This year our chosen charity is the Jessie May Trust, a Bristol charity that provides nursing care for terminally ill children.

The lucky winner will be announced on Good Friday.

It’s worth visiting the deli to see our beautiful range of Easter eggs.  We stock eggs from artisan makers in Italy, Charbonell and Walker, Chococo in Dorset and Zara’s chocolates in Bristol. We usually sell out before Easter, so do pop in and make sure you get one (along with your raffle ticker – you never know, you just win it!).

chocolate easter eggs Papadeli Bristol


We’ve got a unique range of Easter eggs!

Give a beautiful egg!

We love the deli to look brimming full of wonderful foods, and Easter, in particular is a great time for us.  We stock up on an enormous range of artisan Easter eggs, many that are hard to find elsewhere.

We always raffle a giant Italian Easter egg (see previous post on the website here ) donate the proceeds to a local charity (this year it Bristol’s children’s hospice charity,  the Jessie May Trust).

As well as the giant one, we always have a fabulous range of Italian eggs.  Easter is a real event in Italy and everybody gives a wonderfully colourful, glamorous foiled egg.  We love the ceremony of this, and our Italian eggs are enormously popular.

Papadeli Easter eggs in Bristol


More local Easter eggs….

Our friends at Chococo in Dorset make some of the best chocolate around, and their Easter eggs are always fun and imaginative.  From robot studded to butterfly covered, these are original and delicious.

We love a good range of Easter eggs

Elegant and sophisticated

Lauden chocolates are just stunning, hand painted artisan chocolates.  Their Easter eggs are so elegant, they are probably more suited to the chocolate connoisseur.  Filled with divine salted caramel, you will be transported to heaven for a moment while you indulge! We also have Charbonnel et Walker, Rococo and Prestat Easter eggs which always impress even the hardest to please.

Easter eggs with salted caramel

More fun and a bit eccentric!

We couldn’t resist this Matrioska de Pasqua.  The dramatic impact of the box is just superb.  You won’t be forgotten if you give someone one like this!

Russian doll style Easter egg at Papadeli

Happy Easter!

So there’s a little tour around the Easter eggs in the deli for you.

If you don’t like chocolate, perhaps you’ll like a Colomba cake – a delicious Italian Easter cake shaped like a Dove. Beautiful.

Italian Easter cake in Bristol







Win a whopping great 5kg egg

Fancing eating all this chocolate?

If you go down to the deli today, you’re in for a big surprise.  In addition to the fabulous selection of all sorts of lovely artisan chocolate Easter eggs and flamboyantly packaged Italian eggs, you’ll come across a shining, golden egg that weighs 5kg! This egg could be yours if you get hold of one of our £1 raffle tickets. Imagine that – chomping your way through 5kg of chocolate. That’s the equivalent of eating around 60 large bars of chocolate! And it would all be for a good cause.

This year the charity who’ll receive the proceeds will be The Jessie May Trust.  The Trust provides nursing care at home for children and young people with life limiting illnesses who are not expected to live beyond the age of 19. Read more about the charity here.

Italian giant Easter egg raffle

The largest egg in the South West?

Gorgeous Easter eggs!

Every year, we raffle an egg for charity.  This year we have the biggest yet – it’s a full on 6 kilos of chocolate wrapped in fabulous blue foil.

Raffle tickets costs £1 and all proceeds will go to NSPCC Bristol, a charity chosen by the Papadeli team.

This enormous egg is being raffles at Papadeli for charity

The winning ticket will be drawn on Good Friday.

The shop is crammed full of Easter eggs –  from valtrex Chococo, Lauden and a stunning range of Italian eggs in their traditional, colourful finery.

a range of original easter eggs in Bristol

We also have Colomba cakes (or dove cakes) which are eaten at Easter in Italy.  Shaped like a dove, this cake is similar to a panettone (we are always delighted with an excuse to eat panettone!). It makes a lovely gift and can be eaten with a coffee or a sweet wine.

Italian Easter Colomba cake at Papadeli