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The deli team visit Trethowan’s Dairy

We went to see how Caerphilly cheese is made

We have stocked Caerphilly made by Trethowan’s Dairy for a long while now and absolutely love its tangy freshness.  As it is made so near to us we thought it would be great to go and see how it is actually made. Tia, Mesalina, Jo and Eva set off one Spring morning to join the Trethowan’s Diary team and see behind the scenes at their beautiful dairy. They were given a lovely welcome and made to feel very at home.

Trethowan’s Gorwydd Caerphilly was originally made in Carmarthenshire before outgrowing its farm and moving to North Somerset.  You can read more about the Dairy here.


Caerphilly cheese just made

Mesalina and Eva got stuck in – most visitors just like to stand back and watch, but not this lot – they enjoyed actually rolling up their sleeves and helping to make the cheese!

Here they are with Tia, loading up the tins of freshly made cheese.

And here’s Jo carefully stirring the curds and whey mixture.

 It was a brilliant day out and they learnt lots about cheese making.

A big thank you to the team at Trethowan’s dairy for letting us visit.