Beetroot and goat’s cheese salad recipe

Recipe for nutritious salad

Packed full of nutrition* and flavour, this beetroot and goat’s cheese salad is super easy to make and adds colour to any table.

*Beetroot contains phytonutrients called betalains, shown to provide antioxidant, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory support. Seeds are full of omega-3 essential fatty acids, folate and iron, spinach well known for iron, vitamin c and folic acid. What about the goat’s cheese? It’s lower in cholesterol than cow’s cheese and contains calcium, protein, vitamin A, phosphorous, niacin and thiamin. And the pomegranate? We could go on about that for hours – read here a bit about the benefits of pomegranate. All in all a good, all rounder for your nutrient intake!


You can use different types of beetroot such as yellow, candied etc.  For 6-8 people, use about 3 bunches. If you have more, cook more as it’s always good to have some beetroot in the fridge!

Moscatel vinegar (about a tablespoon)

Red wine vinegar (about a tablespoon or two)

3 red onions

Extra virgin olive oil for roasting and as a dressing

A handful of a variety of seeds – sunflower, poppy, coriander, sesame etc

Two handfuls of Walnuts

A bag of baby spinach

200g goat’s cheese (or use feta if you don’t like goat’s cheese)

seeds of one pomegranate

Salt and pepper

How to make it

Boil the beetroot until firmly tender (you don’t want it mushy but you want the knife to slide through easily)

Strain and peel, cut into eighths, leave to cool, sprinkle the muscatel vinegar and mix to make sure all covered.

Cut onions lengthways into six. Roast in olive oil at 200c for about 20 minutes.  When ready, allow to cool in a bowl, marinating in red wine vinegar.

Toast the nuts and seeds in the oven on a baking tray for about 5 mins at 200c.  Make sure you pay attention as they burn easily and you don’t want them burnt!

Add the cheese in rough chunks of an inch or less.

When all the cooked ingredients have cooled, put together in a bowl.

Just before serving, add the spinach leaves – don’t put in too early as they can wilt. Decorate with pomegranate seeds.

Toss in olive oil with salt and pepper to taste.