Meet the team

The deli team

Deli and events supervisor

Name: Amy 

Job: Deli Assistant and event supervisor 

Favourite deli cheese: Comte 

Favourite Charity (our baker) cake: Chocolate and almond torte

Favourite Madoc lunch: All of his salads 

Favourite deli product: Harrissa paste 

Ideal party: beach with David Attenborough, Ottolengi and my mum 


Elena in the deli

Name: Elena

Job: Deli assistant and cookery school assistant

Favourite deli cheee: Barkham blue – I didn’t like blue cheese until I tired it

Favourite Charity cake: Chocolate nemesis – its like a cake and a mousse in one

Favourite Madoc lunch: Empanadas and a simple salad.

Favourite deli product: Perrello – Gordal olives

Ideal party and 3 guests: a cheese board and a glass of red, Alice Cooper, David Bowie and Noel Fielding


meet the deli team

Name: Eva

Job: Deli Supervisor

Favourite deli cheese: Rachel Goats cheese

Favourite Charity cake: Carrot cake

Favourite Madoc lunch: Ricotta and tomatoes on toast

Favourite deli product: Boquerones – anchovies in white wine vinegar

Ideal party:  Field in the South of France with Nelson Mandela, Kevin McCloud and Ray Mears


First floor chefs & catering team

Chef for catering

Name: Madoc

Job: Deli chef

Favourite deli cheese: Alpages

Favourite Charity cake: Lemon and raspberry ripple

Favourite Madoc lunch: I try everything as I make it so I am not hungry at lunch!!

Favourite deli product: Roccoco caramelised macadamia nuts

Ideal party: in my garden with my family


catering management

Name: Nina

Job: Catering manager

Favourite deli cheese: Robiola

Favourite Charity cake: Ginger cake

Favourite Madoc lunch: Macoroni cheese with truffle oil

Favourite deli product: Liberty fields apple balsamic – it goes with everything!

Ideal party: South of France with Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley and Eddie Vedder to sing


Top floor catering and bakery team

Charity makes amazing cakes

Name: Charity

Job: Head Bakery Chef

Favourite deli cheese: Barkham Blue

Favourite Charity cake: Victoria Sponge

Favourite Madoc lunch: Chicken and mushroom empanadas

Favourite deli product: olive oil

Ideal party and 3 guests: Las Vegas with Bruce Springsteen, Elvis and Bob Mortimer


Head catering chef

Name: Kelly

Job: Event Chef

Favourite deli cheese: Robiola

Favourite Charity cake: Tiramisu

Favourite madoc lunch: Kauushuur – Mongolian beef stuffed flat breads

Favourite deli product: Terry molasses – drizzled over BBQ lamb

Ideal party: Secret location with my dog and girlfriend.



catering manager

Name: Lou

Job: Event Manager

Favourite deli cheese: Old Winchester

Favourite Charity cake: Chocolate and Almond torte

Favourite Madoc lunch: Tortilla

Favourite deli product: Garbanzos – chickpeas

Ideal party: BBQ at my parents’ house, with my parents, husband and son.


papadeli catering owner

Name: Simon

Job: Co-owner 

Favourite deli cheese: Montgromery cheddar 

Favourite Charity cake: Chocolate nemesis 

Favourite madoc lunch: Tortilla with Papadeli lunches 

Favourite deli product: Don Antionio sauces 

Ideal party: Our old cottage in Wales with Catrin, Tom and Sam