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Portuguese custard tarts

recipes for cakesPortuguese Custard Tarts– Makes 24


We just love these little Portuguese tarts – the lovely pastry with its cinnamon tang and the creaminess of the custard go so beautifully.  When they’re on the counter at Papadeli, they don’t stay there for long!!



Pastry base

500g chilled butter, diced

500g 00′ flour

80g sugar

pinch salt

cold water


cinnamon sugar (equal quantity sugar to cinnamon)


Custard filling

200g sugar

6 tbsp water

60g 00′ flour

2 vanilla pods

2 strips lemon zest

6 egg yolks

370ml milk

250ml cream




For the pastry


In the food processor, blitz the butter, flour, sugar and salt to a fine sandy texture. Add enough cold water with the motor still running to just start to bring the dough together at the bottom of the bowl. Tip this mixture out into a wide bowl and gently bring it together by hand to form a dough.  Slit into two, wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile grease a 24 mould cupcake tray and dust with flour.


To make the  custard, melt the sugar and water in a heavy based pan and simmer gently until you have a light syrup. Stir in the flour and a splash of milk. Beat until smooth. In a clean pan heat the milk, vanilla and lemon zest until it just begins to jiggle on the surface. Pour tadalafil this over the sugar mixture whilst whisking until smooth then quickly whisk in the egg yolks.

Return the custard to the heat and whisk until just starting to thicken. Take off the heat immediately and whisk in the cream. Remove the vanilla pods and zest and set aside while you prepare the cases.


Roll 1 of the pastry batches into a 16″ x 14″ rectangle and cover generously with cinnamon sugar. Cut in half and roll each half up. Cut each sausage into 6 equal weight pieces. Flatten each piece into a small thick disc and push into the prepared moulds (each one should protrude about 1/2 inch from the tin).


Repeat for the other pastry batch.


TIP: If your pastry is soft, chill the cases in their tin for 10 minutes in fridge


Fill each case with the custard 2/3 full.


Bake for 15-20 mins until the custard is starting to turn a lovely golden brown.


Allow to cool slightly. Then, using a small knife gently loosen the tarts in the tin until you can spin them around. Continue to cool for a further 10 mins then lift out onto a cooling rack. We think these are best eaten at room temperature.  They are very more-ish!



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