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An original idea for your event….

Events have become so sophisticated haven’t they? Even working lunches have become generally more demanding (and so they should!) with a variety of wraps and salads to make a change from sandwiches, and options for those with dietary requirements becoming the norm. Out with the cheese and chutney, in with the local rare roast beef with home-made horseradish creme fraiche and local allotment leaves.  We do think this is a good thing (although a good cheese and chutney sandwich is really hard to beat) and love the fact that the bar has been raised and that people are just not happy to put up with eating deep fried processed shapes at their business meeting or  birthday.

When it comes to large events – launches, weddings, birthday parties, it’s getting even harder to wow your guests with various ambitious themes and exotic foods. Party planners will style your event  beautifully and imaginatively.  If you’re getting married, this is crucial, as you want your wedding to be memorable and without complication.  You want all your guests to appreciate the effort you’ve gone to and enjoy every moment.

So, when it comes to the food, we never underestimate the importance of getting it right. And we have learnt during our 20 years of catering experience (I know, we don’t look that old), that the food that really gets talked about at the events that are  really remembered fondly, relies on the simplicity of good ingredients, big flavours and perhaps the most important – sharing.

Sharing? Yes indeed.

Big round tables (we love round tables – so much more sociable), with large boards of wonderful food.  Guests have to help each other – which gets the conversations going.  They chat about the colour, the ingredients, the flavour “you must taste this” “ah, this reminds me of that holiday when….” and there you have it, all your guests getting along swimmingly over some delicious food.

We have come up with lots of lovely sharing feasts for weddings and celebrations.  If you’re event is in Spring / Summer, why not try the Grand Aioli? It consists of a stunning array of vegetables – carrots, artichokes, fennel, spring onions, asparagus, fish and seafood such as mussels, salt cod, crevettes and little grilled poussin.  Imagine the colour and textures! All these surround little bowls of homemade garlicky mayonnaise.

It really gets your guests talking!

Follow with cherry clafoutis? So lovely , so simple.

Have a look at the menus here – there’s lots to choose from.

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